Genre: Comedy / Romance
Vivien and Chloe are two very different cousins living in Brooklyn who have been inseparable ever since they were children. At least, they were until recently. The sudden passing of their Aunt Isabelle has left them with a challenging inheritance: their aunt's quaint Boulangerie, named Isabelle's. Vivien, who has postponed her dream trip to Europe to help run the shop, wants to keep things traditional, but Chloe, who works as Fernando's assistant, a chef for a popular daytime cooking TV show, feels they should put a modern spin on things. But when the bank reveals that the Boulangerie is in danger of being foreclosed, Vivien and Chloe must put the baking mitts down to preserve their family's legacy. Vivien tries to deceive the bank pretending that Dave, her now widower uncle, lives on the boulangerie after the loss of his home by the debts, being helped by Paul, the agent sent by the bank. The trouble increases when Paul shows a love interest by Vivien, meanwhile Fernando and Chloe ...
MHT Proudly Presents Title ---------: My Bakery in Brooklyn Region --------: REGiON B Format --------: iSO Size ----------: 23.9 GB Runtime -------: 01:41:01 Aspects -------: 1920x1080 @ 24 fps Video Bitrate -: 25537 kbps Rip Date ------: 27/10/2016 Audio Lang ----: iTA ENG [DTS-HD] Video ---------: UNTOUCHED Subtitles -----: iTA iMDb -----: Genre ----: Comedy, Romance Rate -----: 4,8 Ti Hanno Detto Che La Scena Era Defunta? Ma Nell'Acciaio Batte Ancora Un Cuore Come Gundam, Come Cassano A Questa Scena Do Una Giunta, Il Flow Miete Come Un MACHETE Nella Giungla. Si Allunga Come Dalsim La Lista Degli Scazzi,e' proporzionale ai traguardi,e Se Mi Chiedi"Fra Quanti Anni Farai, Il Salto Avanti" So Che Forse Non Lo Faro MAi! ascii by   hir                mht

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