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Statistics for Research in Psychology A Modern Approach Using Estimation

Rick Gurnsey, "Statistics for Research in Psychology: A Modern Approach Using Estimation"
English | ISBN: 1506305180 | 2017 | EPUB | 720 pages | 35 MB

Statistics for Research in Psychology by Rick Gurnsey offers an intuitive approach to statistics based on estimation for interpreting research in psychology. This innovative text covers topic areas in a traditional sequence but gently shifts the focus to an alternative approach using estimation, emphasizing confidence intervals, effect sizes, and practical significance, with the advantages naturally emerging in the process. Frequent opportunities for practice and step-by-step instructions for using Excel, SPSS, and R in appendices will help readers come away with a better understanding of statistics that will allow them to more effectively evaluate published research and undertake meaningful research of their own.
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  • 12th of October 2017 06:30 AM
  • by: uploader11
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